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EO™-70 coaching function

A complete tool, mainly dedicated to rehabilitation and respiratory assistance, the cough assist EO™-70 also offers a coaching function, ideal for educating patients on the proper use of this device. This mode is primarily intended for young patients and people who need educational support to use their mechanical in-exsufflator or pressure relaxer in the best conditions. Discover this new function in detail and offer real comfort to your patients.

Coaching function: to fully understand the cough assist

Thanks to innovative work, EO™-70 offers patients different operating modes to allow them to benefit from respiratory assistance adapted to their needs. It could in particular be a cough aid, thanks to the mechanical in-exsufflator mode, a function which allows patients with pulmonary and respiratory diseases to relieve themselves effectively. The EO™-70 tool can also be used as a pressure relaxer: a positive pressure is then delivered during the inspiration phase. The EO™-70 is used in hospitals and at the patient's home due to the complementarity of its functionalities. The coaching function is interesting to allow the patient to master the Cough Assist in an optimal way.

Pressure relaxer, mechanical in-exsufflator: visual understanding

The different modes of the cough assist EO™-70 gain in effectiveness from the moment the patient follows his treatment correctly. The coaching function thus makes it possible to educate patients and caregivers, through a simplified graphic animation. Very visual, this educational base allows patients to synchronize their cough or breathing according to the chosen mode (pressure relaxant, mechanical in-exsufflator, etc.). The color codes allow patients to significantly improve their use, and therefore their breathing capacity.