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Secretion management device

Thanks to its design and its HD graphic interface, the secretion management device EO-70 offers to patients and care givers an easy of use. This cough assist device is intended to provide relief for people with chronic respiratory disorders on a daily basis and can be used in a variety of operating modes. EO-70 can be used as a cough assist in case of proximal congestion, as a pressure relaxer to recruit lung areas with an educational tool that is the coaching function. Innovative and reliable, this device can be used intuitively at the patient's home, in the hospital or in the doctor's office.

Complete and adaptative treatment

His design, based on a station with a removable module of only 2 kg, able to work with internal battery, gives unrivalled mobility solutions.

The EO-70 High performance allows you to set pressures from -70 to +70 mbar

Dual modality are achievable with this device :

  • An in-exsufflation mode – INEX
  • A Pressure relief maneuver mode – PRM
  • Ajustable oscillations
  • Three customizable presets

The Coaching Function

The Coaching Function, now available with the EO-70, goes even further in supporting the patient’s therapy. It is an interactive pedagogic tool to ensure a better adherence to therapies.

Simplifying education, this function aims to improve patient acceptance.

New visual aids developed to motivate the patient during his therapy.

Intuitive interface

You can set the treatment thanks to a 7 inch HD touch screen. This screen allows a simple access to setting and a visualization of monotiring. These settings can be modified directly on the home screen for a quick treatment close to the patient.

Improved conditions of treatment

The EO-70 purpose a extractible module of treatment for a minimal clutter and a better portability.

The EO-70 contain an internal battery for an closer patient use and allows an autonomy of 4 sessions.

Legal notice 

EO-70 provides treatment for patients, needing assistance with secretion management.

Medical device class IIb - CE 0459 - Manufactured by EOVE and distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A.. Please read the user manual