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NF terminal unit

The ultimate gas outlet

The BM gas terminal, designed to meet the French NF standard, is used to make quick connections to the medical gas network. It makes the medical gases which are essential for patient care more readily available.

Intuitive use

  • Optimum adaptability with 3 types of mounting: trunking, flush or surface
  • Quick installation with its single-block structure

Quick and easy maintenance

  • Only one reference for maintenance: the filter cartridge
  • Marked device, guaranteeing visual traceability and therefore correct maintenance
  • Base valve to avoid any interruption of the gas supply

Controlled safety and consumption

  • Single-block design, no risk of interchanging the gases
  • Safety notch so the medical device cannot be unlocked during use
  • Controlled seal, no pressure loss
  • Protective cover for safety and medical design

Available gases:

O2, Air, N2O, CO2, N2, Air-800, Vacuum

The BM outlet, versatile mounting types

The BM outlet is avaible for differents mounting types:

  • Bed head unit mounting
  • Flush mounting
  • Surface mounting

The ultimate wall outlet

  • Single-block design: intuitive installation prevents leakage, no risk of interchanging the gases
  • Perfect adaptability: 3 types of mounting
  • Easy maintenance

Composition of the outlet

  • 1 connector (chosen according to the gas)
  • 1 connector housing (chosen according to the type of mounting)
  • 2 labels (chosen according to the gas)
  • The hingle plate (cover) is supplied with the connector housing
Legal notice 

The BM medical terminal unit (French standard type) is designed for the passage of medical fluids, for rapid connection/disconnection in complete safety, without risking reversing the flow of these fluids.

The BM medical outlet is intended for use by technical and medical staff who are trained or authorized for the installation, maintenance, upkeep and use of medical gas networks

Medical device class IIa - CE0459 - Manufacturer : Air Liquide Medical Systems

Consult related instructions for use

Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems, Antony. RCS Nanterre 348 921 735