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VIGI™ alarm

Monitoring the whole network

The Vigi™ alarm system provides security for the network from the high pressure gas station to the wall outlet. Vigi™ monitors the whole network and indicates any error via audible, luminous, and visual signals. Vigi™ provides global monitoring, for the safety of all. The Vigi™ alarm provides the security of 3, 5 or 7 channels at the same time.


  • Displays pressure values for each channel
  • Quick and easy configuration via remote control or VIGI Access software
  • Connection to Building Management System via MODBUS link.
  • Customised display
  • Medical design

High level of safety

  • Normal operation indicated by a green LED
  • Default situation indicated by:
  • A red LED 
  • An audible alarm
  • An explicit message on the LCD screen
  • Test button to check LED, LCD and sound alarm


  • Simultaneous monitoring of 3, 5 or 7 channels
  • ‘Mirror’ unit repeating the information from the main unit; configurable in centralizer mode
  • ‘Remote’ unit reporting visual and audible alarms
  • Use of analogue or digital sensors


  • Safety within the network
  • Multiple alarms: LCD, LED and Buzzer
  • Building Management System communication with the MODBUS link
  • Modularity with the choice of sensors, inhibition time, and customised sensors


Legal notice 

The series is used to monitor a medical gas supply and/or distribution network with the help of analogue sensors or normally-closed dry contactors.

The VIGI™ system is intended for use by technical and medical staff who are trained or authorized for the installation, maintenance, upkeep and use of medical gas networks. This VIGI™ device is for use by technicians and medical staff with the necessary training or authorization to take the appropriate measures should the alarm go off.

Medical device class IIb - CE0459 - Manufacturer : Air Liquide Medical Systems

Consult related instructions for use

Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems, Antony. RCS Nanterre 348 921 735