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Pressure regulator for double stage network

Damao™ is an essential device for double stage network standard. This pressure regulator allows the safe pressure reduction of medical gases from medium to low pressure and the network back-up in case of an emergency. It is available with a single or double pressure reducer, for greater safety.

Optimum safety

  • Safety plate: continuous supply, a network shut-off is impossible
  • 2 pressure gauges: 1 upstream and 1 downstream, colour-coded to facilitate pressure control
  • The cover protects against chock and dust
  • Quick and easy action in case of emergency

Unrivalled simplicity

  • On/Off in just one action
  • Compatible with all gases
  • Easy and foolproof reversal of gas flow direction
  • Optimised space: compact, lightweight with simplified installation

Easier maintenance

  • Control lever for fast action in a single motion
  • Interchangeable pressure reduction module, positioned vertically, no risk of falling
  • Continuous gas distribution because modules can be maintained separately


  • High performance for gas network
  • Intuitive use: 3 gas flow configurations for continuous supply to the network
  • Maintenance is facilitated by the control levers
  • Safety plate: prevents forgetting and mistakes
Legal notice 

The DAMAO™ second pressure line redulator is intended for use in medical fluid systems in hospitals. Its function is to reduce the pressure of gases (from the primary network between 8 and 10 bar) to the standard pressure of the medical connector (4 to 5 bar, or 8 bar for driving air).

DAMAO™ is intended for use by technical and medical staff who are trained or authorized for the installation, maintenance, upkeep and use of medical gas networks.

Medical device class IIb - CE0459 - Manufacturer : Air Liquide Medical Systems

Consult related instructions for use

Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems, Antony. RCS Nanterre 348 921 735