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Monnal™ T60

Touch and breathe

Monnal™ T60 is designed for mobile medical interventions. It provides medical teams with the highest standards in ventilation. Providing effective respiratory support in short time limits, it is THE quick and safe health care solution. Monnal™ T60 adapts easily to all environments requiring mobile intensive care.

Emergency ventilation

  • Automatic mode by simply adjusting the weight (IBW) for quick and safe starting of the ventilation
  • Peak flow of 230 l/min for effective respiratory assistance in NIV
  • Critical patients from newborns to adults
  • Screen readability in all condition

Mobility Designed for intensive care transport: extra, intra, inter-hospital and air transport

  • Autonomous in air and electricity
  • Adapted fastening and transport systems: carry bag, wall-mounted charging station for ambulance (10 G), support hooking to patient’s bed

Natural Interface

  • Single page
  • Full touch-screen
  • Intuitive use

Air transport       

  • Approved for air transport: standards EN 13718 and RTCA DO-160F 20 G resistance
  • Automatic compensation of changes in atmospheric pressure
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Highly visible alarms.
Legal notice 

Air Liquide Healthcare is a world leader in medical gases, home healthcare, hygiene products and healthcare specialty ingredients. It aims to provide customers in the continuum of care from hospital to home with medical products, specialty ingredients and services that contribute to protecting vulnerable lives.

Please read the user manual carefully. Manufactured by Air Liquide Medical Systems SA. Class IIb medical device. CE 0459

Air Liquide Medical Systems is committed to an environmental approach with a quality-environment management system certified ISO 14001:2015. For more information, go and visit our website: