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Monnal™ T75

Protective ventilation for tailor-made breathing

Monnal™ T75 is the result of more than 30 years of experience in artificial ventilation with patients. Its wide choice of modes and its characteristics make it a capnography and ventilation device perfectly suited to the management of patients, adults, children and infants. This ventilator combines both ease of use and patient comfort. It facilitates the work of medical personnel and adapts to the most severe pathologies. The integrated turbine technology guarantees air autonomy and increases the mobility of the fan while ensuring excellent protective ventilation.

High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Nasal High Flow Oxygen Therapy delivers accurate FiO2 while maintaining humidity and temperature conditions similar to spontaneous ventilation within the lungs. This method is used by this ventilation device in the context of protective ventilation of patients in respiratory distress, in rehabilitation, in treatment or under anesthesia.

Non-Invasive Ventilation

The implementation of Non-Invasive Ventilation is a decisive moment in the acceptance of treatment by the patient. Installing the mask, finding the most comfortable setting for the patient, so many challenges that caregivers must meet. To better support this placement, patient comfort is optimized with the Monnal™ T75 ventilation device. The ventilator responds immediately to the efforts of patients in severe decompensation by finely detecting patient calls.

Turbine Technology

The combination of the turbine and the integration of proportional solenoid valves makes it possible to generate high flow rates, effectively compensate for leaks and meet the patient's needs in terms of protective ventilation while maintaining a quiet environment.


The management of bronchospasms becomes easier thanks to the nebulization function which guarantees compliance with the ventilation instructions and synchronization of the distribution of drugs with each inspiratory cycle of the patient.

Invasive Protective Ventilation

For critical patients, protective ventilation is required. Monnal™ T75 supports caregivers in their care process from intubation to weaning.

A volumetric capnography device

In order to check the correct intubation of the patient and to ensure the evolution of his metabolism, the CO2 probe of the Monnal™ T75 capnography device uses mainstream technology which provides an immediate response to the caregiver. This function is used to monitor CO2 production, pulmonary perfusion and alveolar ventilation with the following parameters: etCO2 , VmCO2 , Vmalv , Vdaw , Vdaw/Vt , CO2 slope.

Respiratory monitoring and diagnostics

In a single action, caregivers can monitor the evolution of their patients' ventilatory mechanics with the use of key features such as Pplat, R&CStat, Auto-peep. Measurements such as P0.1, NIF, WOB, f/Vt provide additional indications and, associated with loop curves and the functionality of the device in volumetric capnography, medical personnel can adjust their ventilation strategy in real time.

PS-PRO : A self-adapting mode for patient recovery

PS PRO is a unique mode specifically designed to assist patient recovery.

Its self-adapting behavior offers safe, continuous and confortable ventilation.

Using PS PRO medical staffs are free to focus more on delivering care to the patient.

Legal notice 

Monnal™ T75 is an air-autonomous turbine ventilator allowing the treatment of infants (from 3 kg), children and adults, intended for hospital staff in intensive care, emergency, post-operative recovery room and intra transport. -hospital

Class IIb medical device - CE0459 - Manufacturer: Air Liquide Medical Systems - Read the user manual carefully - Procedures performed with Monnal™ T75 are covered by health insurance organizations in certain situations.

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