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Respireo™ Soft Nasal Silent

A comfortable and quiet CPAP mask

  • SOFT silicone bubble for maximum comfort on the skin. Its mistake-proofing system helps to correctly place the screen on the frame.
  • Quiet leak Peace System™ ensuring an optimal noise level as well as a soft diffusion of the air flow, in order to promote a comfortable and restful night's sleep for the patient and his or her partner
  • Univeo™ harness, with 5 adjustment points for optimal adaptation to all physiognomies and good distribution of support points
  • Thin and transparent frame with flexible branches to follow the patient's movements during sleep and therefore ensure good stability of the mask during sleep.
  • Ergonomic hooks with an innovative positioning close to the face ensuring good stability of the mask. Their ergonomics allow quick attachment and detachment of the harness.
  • Unobstructed field of vision

An easy-to-use nasal mask for sleep apnea

Easy to adjust, wear and clean

Preservation of the harness settings (removal via the notches of the frontal support and the hooks).

Thanks to its innovative design, the Respireo™ SOFT Nasal Silent sleep apnea nasal mask allows the patient to be treated effectively and comfortably.

Different sizes of masks are available depending on the morphology of the patient and his needs.

Legal notice 

Respireo™ SOFT Nasal Silent is a reusable nasal mask with calibrated exhalation orifices (Vented), intended to be used at home or in a hospital setting by multiple adult patients (weighing more than 30 kg) who have been prescribed for a non-invasive positive pressure ventilation therapy (NPPV), for example a continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) or Bilevel positive airway pressure therapy (BiPAP).

Medical device class IIa CE0051. 

Please read the instructions for use.

Manufactured by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.r.l., Italy. 

Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A., Antony 348 921735 R.C.S Nanterre.