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Respireo™ Primo P

Nasal pillow mask

The Respireo™ Primo P Nostrilary CPAP Mask was designed to make life easier for patients in the hospital or home treatment setting. The minimalist design of this leaky or non-leaky nostril mask provides freedom of movement for the patient to fully experience the benefits of their treatment, regardless of their body type and needs. Convenient, easy to adjust and remove, the Respireo™ Primo P mask is a quiet piece of equipment that features a lightweight design. Lightweight and minimalist, this mask is especially recommended for those who suffer from claustrophobia or wear a mustache.

An adjustable nostril CPAP mask

With a stable and comfortable headgear, the Respireo™ Primo P mask has multiple adjustment points and a two-tiered fitting system. The wide rims of the non-leak or leaky nostril mask allow for a tight and reliable operation. The ergonomic cushion is designed to provide optimal performance and comfort for the patient, hospital or home. The mask's quiet, diffused leakage and 360-degree movable circuitry also provide an optimal patient experience. The tubing is free to be loose or attached to the top or sides of the face, allowing the patient's movements to be accompanied by the nasal CPAP mask. Finally, the minimalist design allows for a clear visual field.

Non-leaky or leaky nose mask

The Respireo™ Primo P mask is a non-leak (for ventilated patients) or leaky nostril mask for use with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and NIV (non-invasive ventilation).

This nostril CPAP mask is particularly indicated for patients with nasal bridge injuries, claustrophobia, eye leaks, but also for patients inconvenienced by forehead support.
It comes in two versions:

  • Respireo™ Primo P with leakage
  • Respireo™ Primo P without leakage
Legal notice

Respireo™ Primo P is a nasal pillow mask with calibrated vent ports (Vented) for use by a single patient. Respireo™ Primo P is designed for use by patients who have been prescribed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) treatment at home or a hospital.

Respireo™ Primo P Non Vented is a non-vented nasal pillow mask for use by a single patient. Respireo™ Primo P Non Vented is designed for use by patients with controlled non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV).

Respireo™ Primo P (vented and non-vented) is suitable for adult patients (>30 kg).

Medical device class IIa CE0051. Please read the user manual.