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Respireo™ Primo N / Respireo™ N

Nasal mask

The Respireo™ Primo N mask is a single patient calibrated leak nasal mask. This medical equipment is intended for people who suffer in particular from sleep apnea and for whom a treatment using continuous positive pressure has been prescribed. This respirator can also be used for dual level positive pressure ventilation therapy. It can be used in the hospital or at the patient's home, and can be connected to ventilation devices developed by Air Liquide Medical Systems.

Nasal mask against sleep apnea

This mask for sleep apnea or NIV (non-invasive ventilation) provides excellent sealing and optimal comfort in the face, thanks in particular to a silicone and polycarbonate design. The Primo N respirator mask harness allows fine adjustment of the mask to the patient's face and skull. This model of nasal mask against sleep apnea and NIV easily connects to Bi-level or CPAP type devices. The adjustment wheel, combined with the 4-point harness, guarantees real comfort of use during sleep (night and nap).

Different versions of masks for sleep apnea

The Respireo™ sleep apnea nasal mask is available in different models to meet all the situations encountered by patients. These design differences will be chosen according to the treatment prescribed and the clinical context. Discover the characteristics of our respiratory masks, in terms of compatibility and therapy, but also in terms of the fastening and adjustment system:

  • Respireo™ Primo N Leakage
  • Respireo™ N with leakage (without adjustment at the level of the frontal support)
  • Blue elbow for a leak-free version (spare part)
Legal notice 

Respireo™ N / Primo N is a nasal mask with calibrated vent ports for use by a single patient. Respireo™ N / Primo N is designed for use by patients who have been prescribed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) treatment at home or a hospital.
Respireo™ N / Primo N is suitable for adult patients (>30 kg).

Medical device class IIa CE0051. Please read the user manual.