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N1 Silent & N1

A new generation of masks that are easy to install and adjust

Alnest™ N1 Silent

Silent and intuitive nasal mask

Easy to fit and to adjust, Alnest™ N1 Silent is a minimalist nasal mask designed to provide maximal comfort, stability and ease of use. The landmarks and the silent leak allow an optimal therapeutic experience.

Univeo™ Delta universal headgear

Univeo™ Delta is the first innovative headgear designed to help the patients. Its “Quick Adjust” landmarks feature facilitates the fitting and adjustment of the mask, thus promoting patient compliance with the treatment. By the way, a majority of patients appreciate and recognise the benefits of this system¹. 

Made with a two-tone soft material, its 5 setting points design allows maximal stability and comfort by day and night. 

Universal, this headgear is embedded on this mask but is also compatible with over 50 other CPAP and NIV masks available on the market.

Quiet Flow leak

To ensure a comfy and restful night of sleep for the patient and the partner, the Quiet Flow leak ensures an optimal sound level as well as a soft diffusion of the air flow (only 12.3 ± 3.2 dB(A) sound pressure level).

Minimalist frame

Alnest™ N1 Silent features a minimalist and transparent frame to provide an optimal line of sight. Its ergonomic hooks have been designed to allow a quick assembly and disassembly of the headgear and its forehead support ensures an optimal stability during the treatment.

SOFT cushion

Its silicone cushion has been designed to provide an optimal seal and a soft and comfortable contact experience on the patient’s skin. A poka yoke system also facilitates the assembly of the cushion on the frame. 

In order to choose the best size of Alnest™ N1 Silent, you can use the following template.

Alnest™ N1

Intuitive nasal mask

This nasal mask is also available with standard leak (without Quiet Flow).

Mask Fitting and Cleaning Guide

¹ Evaluation of the Comfort of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Nasal Mask in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome ». Clinical trial registration., 8 juin 2021.

* The satisfaction threshold was set at 70 (on a scale from 0 to 100)


Legal mentions

Alnest™ N1 Silent and Alnest™ N1 are reusable nasal masks with calibrated exhalation orifices (Vented), intended to be used at home or in a hospital setting by multiple adult patients (weighing more than 30 kg) who have been prescribed for a non-invasive positive pressure ventilation therapy (NPPV), for example a continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) or Bilevel positive airway pressure therapy (BiPAP).

Please read the user manual.

Medical device class IIa CE0051.