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Alpha 300

The reference IPPB Pediatric and Adult

Intended for physiotherapists, Alpha 300 is a versatile tool to prevent respiratory difficulties. It supplies a positive pressure during inspiration and switches to expiration as soon as the pressure setting has been reached.

Optimization of respiratory function

Surpass the patient's maximum inspiration and inscrease his vital capacity

Help in pulmonary recruitment

Introduce large volumes of air to recruit the badly or non-ventilated parts of the lung and improve haematosis and pulmonary expansion

Assistance with lung clearing

Deliver to the patient a volume of air large enough to:

  • Mobilize the deepest secretions
  • Cough or sigh to clear out these secretions and allow an effective patient expiration (increase of sputum and reduction of drainage effort)


  • User friendly
  • Simple and complete follow-up on LCD screen
  • Can be used in hospitals, in the physiotherapists offices and at home
  • Alpha 300 is a unique tool for autonomous respiratory rehabilitation


Legal notice 

Alpha 300 provides IPPB treatment to facilitate draining, to optimise lung function and to support lung recruitment maneuvers for adults and children. Medical device Class IIa - CE0123 - Manufacturer: Salvia Medical GmbH&Co

Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A.