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The all-in-one aerosol unit for the family

The powerful compressor and the high technology of the equipped nebulizers make Nebula™ a reliable and complete solution for the treatment of both upper and lower airways. As best solution for treating the indicated respiratory pathologies locally, Nebula™ provides a professional drug delivery performance for all family members, adults and children.

Therapy Indications

Thanks to the two special nebulizers, Nebula™ covers a complete treatment of the full respiratory tract.

Please see indications specified for Rinowash (Upper Respiratory Airways) and Nebula Spacer (Lower airways).


Nebula™ comes with different nebulizers according to the different therapy needs.

  • Rinowash is a micronized nasal douche specific for delivery of the drug in the upper respiratory tract. Particles are sized specifically (18µm) for optimal deposition in the nasal cavity.
  • Nebula Spacer is a breath enhanced nebulizer, for a fast and efficient drug delivery in the lungs. Nebula Spacer is fitted with a volumetric mouth mask to improve therapy effectiveness by reducing drug’s dispersal in the environment. Nebula Spacer is conceived for cooperating patients and replaces the traditional mouthpiece.
  • A pediatric nose-mouth mask is available for to administer the treatment with to non cooperating children.

RinoAPP is an application for smartphones and tablets that offers interactive contents for children undergoing a topical therapy to the upper airways with Rinowash.

Download the App and Dr Rino, the seahorse, will advise children how to perform the treatment correctly and easily.


  • Complete treatment of upper and lower airways
  • Fast and efficient therapy
  • Low drug dispersal
  • Very reliable and long lasting