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Dual function compressor aerosol unit for children

Mobyneb, the first unit able to grant the advantages from topical inhalation therapy, is a reliable compressor aerosol unit ensuring a complete treatment of both the upper and lower respiratory tract disorders. Mobyneb facilitates the compliance to therapy for children thanks to the soft interfaces, short therapy times and the children friendly design.

Therapy Indications

Thanks to the two special nebulizers, Mobyneb grants the complete topical treatment of the full respiratory tract. See indications specified for Rinowash (Upper Respiratory Airways) and Perfecta (Lower airways)


Mobyneb is equipped with 2 different nebulizers, Rinowash and Perfecta, which are specifically designed for very young children use.

  • Rinowash is a micronized nasal douche specific for delivery of the drug in the upper respiratory tract. Particles are big enough (18µm) to deposit in the nasal cavity.
  • Perfecta is a breath enhanced nebulizer, for a fast and efficient drug delivery in the lungs . Perfecta includes a nose-mouth mask to improve therapy effectiveness for children (0-~5 years), by reducing drug’s dispersal in the environment.

RinoAPP is an application for smartphones and tablets that offers interactive contents for children undergoing a topical therapy to the upper airways with Rinowash.

Download the App and Dr Rino, the seahorse, will advise children how to perform the treatment correctly and easily.


  • Children friendly design
  • Quick and effective treatment
  • Safe and easy for children
  • Top quality materials and hight durability