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Alnest™ MC1

Light and intuitive

With its 42 grams and compact design, MC1 was designed for patients needing discretion, comfort and simplicity.

Minimalist headgear with Quick Adjust function

Made from soft, lightweight and seamless fabric, MC1 features a minimalist headgear that facilitates the adjustment thanks to its innovative landmarks system. The graduations simplify daily use of the mask, as the patient can memorize the settings predefined by the homecare provider and quickly find the right setting without having to constantly readjust. The majority of patients appreciate and recognize the benefits of this feature.¹

Minimal contact nasal cushion

Available in 2 sizes (S and M-L), its soft silicone cushion fits under the nose and offers a greater comfort for the patient during sleep. It adapts to the facial contours and reduces pressure points. Moreover, the assembly of the cushion with the frame is facilitated by a visual and tactile mistake proof system.

Silent airflow

The orifices have been designed to minimize the leaks noise for a peaceful sleep.



The leak has been designed to minimize the noise and the diffusion of exhaled air, promoting a better sleep quality for both patient and partner.

With just 42 grams, MC1 is one of the lightest minimum contact masks on the market.²




Thanks to its soft cushion, the MC1 mask sits comfortably under the nose, reducing red marks on the skin and completely removing the pressure on the nasal bridge.

Its open-view design offers the patient a clear field of vision, allowing him to wear glasses, read and watch TV. This can improve the quality of life for patients requiring home ventilation.



The graduations make the mask fitting effortless for both patient and homecare provider.

For the patient, a correct headgear fit is essential both to maintain the mask seal and to reduce pressure points. A headgear too loose or too tight can cause leaks or skin irritation, reducing ventilation efficiency. The graduations thus promote patient adherence to treatment as a well-fitted mask is more likely to be worn regularly.

For the provider, this innovation saves time during the initial installation, reduces the number of follow-up visits and enables remote patient assistance.


¹ Evaluation of the Comfort of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Nasal Mask in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome ». Clinical trial registration., 8 juin 2021.

² Comparative Analysis of the Weight of Leading Minimal Contact Masks for CPAP and BiPAP Delivery on the Market_Lebret_M_2023

Mask Fitting and Cleaning guide


Legal mentions

ALNEST MC1 is a reusable nasal mask with calibrated exhalation orifices (Vented), intended to be used at home or in a hospital setting by a single adult patient (weighing more than 30 kg) who has been prescribed for a non-invasive positive pressure ventilation therapy (NPPV), for example a continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) or Bilevel positive airway pressure therapy (BiPAP).

Medical device class IIa CE0051. 

Please read the instructions for use.

Manufactured by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.r.l., Italy. 

Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A., Antony 348 921735 R.C.S Nanterre.