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Making medical procedures easier

Selectaflo™ is a calibrated-orifice flowmeter with integrated pressure reduction. It enables medical staff to accurately and easily set the flow of gas being delivered to the patient. Its ingenious design makes its operation intuitive.


  • Clear information
  • Remote reading

Simple and intuitive

  • Natural grip
  • Set by turning clockwise
  • Minimal maintenance

Soft and solid

  • Smooth and professional finish
  • Safe shaped nozzle
  • Shock resistant
  • Treated anti-UV housing


  • EASYCLIC NF inlet connector: connecting safely
  • Handled with just one hand, solid and precise connection
  • No risk of pinching fingers
  • Robustness
  • 360° outlet nozzle rotation


Legal notice

Selectaflo™ is a calibrated orifices flowmeter with integrated low pressure regulator for setting oxygen or medical gas flow rate from a standard medical gas terminal unit receiving 3.6 to 5,5 bars of pressure.

For use by hospital staff only, it can be used to treat patients of all ages and weights.

Medical device class IIa - CE0459 - Manufacturer : Air Liquide Medical Systems

Consult related instructions for use.

Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems, Antony. RCS Nanterre 348 921 735