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Vendom™ 30/40

Intuitive ventilation

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, Vendom™ is the ideal ventilator to accompany the patient at home. Suitable for patients suffering from COPD, OHS and neuromuscular diseases, it allows a close monitoring of the patient. The reliability and accuracy of its compliance software facilitate medical decision-making. Vendom™ provides everyday treatments that are comfortable, effective and suitable for patients homes.


  • 4 quick steps to start
  • Adjust settings using a touch screen
  • Rapid start-up mode for Breath & Go ventilation


  • Ventilators with two pressure levels: 30 cmH20 and 40 cmH20
  • Curves displayed in real-time
  • Manual mask calibration
  • External battery lasts for 4 hours

Optimised Monitoring of treatment

  • Compliance software: Vendom™ Control
  • Monitoring:

                 Nonin Oximetry sensor
                 SenTec capnography sensor

Legal notice

Vendom™ is a ventilator for use in home care intended to provide non-invasive ventilatory support via a leakage circuit. It may be used to treat respiratory failure or breathing disorders in adults and children weighing over 30 kg with or without obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The Vendom™ ventilator is designed for use by the following operators: care staff (nurses, physiotherapists and doctors), home-care service providers, patients and their non-specialist helpers (including relatives and home helps).

Medical device class IIb - CE 0459. Please read the user manual.

Vendom™ Control is the PC-based observance and monitoring software for recording and visualising compliance data from the Vendom™ system.

Medical device class IIa. Please read the user manual.